Products & Services
Precision metal stamping ranges from round drawn parts to large flat stamped gaskets. We can handle strip and coil stock to 30" wide and 3/8" thick.

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Tool & Die

  • Design

    Quality parts begin with precision tools. NEI toolmakers and engineers work together, combining craftsmanship and high technology, to create dies that require close tolerances for accurate and consistent performances in stamping. Our extensive toolroom facilities allow for the shortest possible lead times and minimum die downtime. We maintain maximum control over both die building and maintenance, which translates into a smooth development process, from the inception of a tool to final product shipment. NEI uses or utilizes 3-D modeling software for accuracy and speed in design.

  • Prototypes

    Innovation and creativity start in our engineering and design department. New England Industries uses CAD-based design to create tools with the shortest possible lead times. CAD allows New England Industries and its customers to quickly review design concepts for the most efficient, cost-effective use of materials and production capabilities.

  • Inhouse Build Capability

Precision Metal Stamping

  • Round stampings
  • Small stampings


    Small, intricate stampings with consistent quality and close tolerance.

  • Gaskets


    NEI precisely stamps large flat gaskets with complex designs.

  • Thick material


    NEI can stamp out parts from material up to 3/8" thick and 30" wide.

  • General Industry


    NEI will find the most efficient way to stamp out virtually any part.

Value Added Service

  • Vibratory Tumbling to Clean & Deburr
  • Rust Preventative Treatment
  • Tapping
  • Spot Welding
  • Light Assembly